✔️[ABIP-04] - [RFC] Treasury framework for acquiring assets


Treasury team would like to propose a framework where in up to 1% of the current treasury be used for acquiring productive assets or to buy a stake in other DAOs or projects.


This proposal seeks to do two things:
Allow the treasury team to acquire up to 1% of the treasury (currently 15k for any productive asset that is aligned to core goals listed below.

The framework will allow:

  1. Only a maximum of 1% of treasury may be used to acquire any asset.
  2. Only 20% of overall treasury ever be used to acquire these assets.

Current assets include:

The framework will also evaluate each acquisition with core goals in mind.

  1. Does the asset or acquisition help Abachi treasury grow in the longer run?
  2. Does the asset or acquisition help Abachi acquire revenue.
  3. Are we acquiring the asset at a significant discount.

The proposal will be followed up with a framework to sell at a future date to ensure our stables are always above 50%.

One of the key goals of Abachi is to fund companies, projects and products that will help bridge tradfi and defi. To grow projects around this space and eventually be able to tap into the revenue stream of these projects to help build up the Abachi treasury.

Passing this proposal will allow the treasury team to execute such trades without needing to go through a community vote each time since these opportunities are hard to come by.

  • Agree
  • Agree but separate the Phantom DAO proposal
  • Disagree (pls provide comments)

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Would like to stress that diversifying into Ohm-like projects does not remove sector risk. We hold a basket of stables, and a basket of rebasing tokens. Current market climate remains chilly for riskier assets so if we are getting these kind of assets, they shouldn’t be bought with big premiums relative to treasury.

Also separate the proposals. All for diversifying treasury away from simply Ohm + stables (I like anchor although that is on terra) however.


Agreed. Team are also considering no more acquisitions in this space. We liked phantom because the first three projects being incubated by them are not in this space.

Closed and moved to proposals. As per comments, this is being reposted with better wording.