How to Navigate Abachi Forums?

Welcome to Abachi Forums! This is a place where the community can come together and discuss important matters pertaining to the future of the protocol, submit ideas for community feedback and help move Abachi grow.

This post is meant to help you understand how to navigate these forums and know what goes where. Let’s begin!


These are the top level “departments” so to speak. Topics will be catgorized broadly within them using sub-categories. If you’re posting a new thread for discussion, make sure its in the right category.


These are shown as the row below the main Channel description.


You can think of them like Discord channels (or Whatsapp groups) with their own unique permissions. You should be able to see what you can do within each of these sub-categories by looking at the pinned thread at the top of each one.


At the top of each category & sub-category, there are some filters that allow you to sort content in the way you wish to see.

  • First filter lets you choose the Category you wish to be in.
  • Second filter lets you choose which Sub-Category you want see.
  • Third filter lets you further narrow the posts based on tags (think hashtags on Twitter).

After you’ve applied all (or none) of the desired filters, cou can now sort results by Top (most popular) or Latest.

If you have any questions, ask away in Discord or post a thread in #general category. Go!